One Michigan man is $200,000 richer thanks to his kids. The Commerce Township man hit big while playing Powerball with his children's birthdays.

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James Allen purchased the winning ticket in Auburn Hills. Allen first thought he hit for $50,000 and was pleasantly surprised to see he won $200,000 thanks to the 'Power Play' option.

Michigan Lottery via New York Post
Michigan Lottery via New York Post

According to the New York Post, Allen always plays his kids' birthdays whenever he plays the Michigan Lottery.

We are guessing that is a strategy that a lot of lottery players use. Unfortunately, it does not always pay off for everyone.

Will James Allen be sharing his winnings with his children? We can't say for sure, but Allen did say he plans to pay off bills.

Maybe he will buy his children shirts that read something like this,

My dad won the Powerball jackpot and all I got was this stupid shirt.

Michigan is still waiting to find out who won the $842 million Powerball jackpot earlier this month. The winning ticket was purchased at Food Castle in Grand Blanc Township.

Chances are the winner is a Michigan resident, but the winner may have also been in Genesee County for the holidays. Are you the big winner?

We understand the new millionaire wanting to keep quiet - you know as well as I do the new millionaire will have people coming out of the woodwork for a handout.

If it is you, I don't want your money - but I would love to do an article on you when you make your big announcement.

Just saying.

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