Walmart is teaming up with a restaurant chain to bring poke bowls to select stores throughout the United States, but will it include Michigan?

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Chances are you have not heard of Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar, because there are currently no locations in Michigan.

Where are the first Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar locations set to open first?

The first 10 locations will open in California within the next few months. The next step is to open nationwide, but no specific locations have been named next to follow California.

What food does Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar specialize in?

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar specializes in shrimp, scallops, ahi-tuna, and tofu bowls. You can see a video of the food below - it looks amazing.

According to Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar CEO Fen Reyes, the fast-food menu will be designed specifically for Walmart customers.

It is not known if Sharkii Poke Bar locations will mean existing fast food restaurants in Walmart stores will be closing.

We will keep you updated on this story as more information is made available. Here's to hoping we see Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar locations opening this year in Michigan.

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