Updated to include detour information.

This time of year, around Genesee County, is best-known for cursing out potholes and new construction projects. Good news, here's how you officially get potholes fixed in Genesee County and the rest of this information will prepare you for one of the longest bridge replacement projects in Genesee County.

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Genesee Township Bridge Construction on Genesee Road

Whether you're taking kids to school, Huckleberry Junction or making a grocery run at VG's, you've noticed the Genesee Road bridge over the Flint River / Mott Lake. It's been bumpy for a very long time.

  • Weather permitting, construction will be completed October 31, 2023. Traffic will be heavy and delayed at times. Genesee County Road Commission will install a temporary signal for traffic while construction is ongoing. The intersections of Genesee & Stanley Road will take longer than usual to navigate during normal "busy" hours through Genesee-ville (as my family calls it).

Ways to avoid construction on Genesee Road

Unfortunately, there aren't many routes to save you a lot of time.

  • Detour Announced 05/09/23: East Stanley Road, west of Genesee Road will be closed.
    • Drivers headed east on Stanley will go to Center Rd, to Mt. Morris Rd, to Genesee Rd.
    • Drivers headed west on E Stanley Rd take Gregor St, to Center Rd, to E Stanley Rd.
  • If you live north of the bridge trying to navigate south: you could take Mt. Morris Road to I-75, or Mt. Morris Road to Bray Road until it meets Carpenter Road. Headed east, Irish Road is pretty much your only option to go south.
  • South of the bridge, to go north: you'd need to take Irish Road to the east, or Coldwater to Center then head west on Carpenter or Pierson Roads.

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Overall, the State of Michigan has over 1,000 structurally deficient bridges. See the whole list, here. In the meantime, safe travels through Genesee Township. You'll be safer when the project is complete.

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