David's Bridal near Genesee Valley Center in Flint Township has been helping brides, wedding and prom goers for decades.

Now, the company's second bankruptcy since 2018 is causing a "no-cash transaction" sale and closure of more stores.

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Why is David's Bridal closing in Flint?

Through a last-minute deal for an investment company to buy the ailing company in a "no-cash transaction," Routers reports there won't be a total shut down of stores.

Conflicting information has been released since the April 2023 Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. First, they stated all stores would be shuttered if the company couldn't sell. Then, only a handful of stores would be closed in various states.

Flint's Miller Road location wasn't on the original list, but that has changed as WNEM reported. It won't be one of the 195 locations to remain open. Clearance/Liquidation sales are currently happening at the Flint store. It will be closed quickly.

Will any David's Bridal stores remain open in Michigan?

Ultimately, stores with lower traffic will end up on a closing list. Some other Michigan locations will close, too... but not all.

Grand Rapids, Lansing, Madison Heights, Novi, Saginaw and Taylor all appear to be remaining in business according to their company website.

What happens to David's Bridal orders if stores are closing?

According to a letter from their CEO, they "intend to fulfill all customer orders without disruption or delay." For the sake of shoppers planning special moments in their lives, I hope that rings true.

We wish the Flint store employees the best in their next employment chapter, too.

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