It's not often talked about these days, but for all of the "blight" this and "rundown" that conversations... The towns and cities around Genesee County have numerous State Historical Buildings & sites and several on the National Register of Historic Places, too.  That's what we'll see in this detailed gallery today.

Step back in time to see places featured from Davison, Fenton, Grand Blanc, Flint, Goodrich, Linden, Clio, Gaines, Otisville, Flushing and more.  Some properties still exist, have been rehabbed/used as current homes or workspaces while others have been demolished.

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See Genesee County, Michigan's Most Famous Historic Places

These Genesee County buildings are part of the National Historic Places Registry

No matter where you live, chances are you're near very historic properties dating back as early as the 1800s! Our area is probably a little more rich with this history than many remember.  It's easy to think about the former "Buick City-ness" of Genesee County and leave it at that.  Now, you can see more depth in our history all around us.  Even better to see some of these old buildings getting new life!

Share with your friends from Genesee County, no matter where they live today.  And please, feel free to share your memories with me by using our App Chat feature.

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Barge 129 Discovered in Lake Superior 120 Years After Being Shipwrecked

A barge that was shipwrecked by bad weather 120 years ago was discovered at the bottom of Lake Superior by a team working for the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society.

Abandoned Detroit Zoo

Remember the Belle Isle Zoo? Sadly the property has been neglected - and all but forgotten - since its closing in 2002.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

This House in Saginaw Looks Just Like the One in 'Home Alone'

You'd swear this home on Michigan Avenue in Saginaw was the home used to film the movie 'Home Alone.'

It's not, of course, because that home is actually in the suburbs of Chicago.

According to the real estate listing, this Michigan home was built about 74 years before the movie debuted.