Few institutions have endured the evolution of Flint, MI, and elevated its residents' lives, in quite the way Mott Community College has done.

Now, our community celebrates 100 years of education at Mott Community College.

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100 years of higher education at MCC

We can't be sure, but it's possible some of the old, repurposed bricks on Saginaw Street in Downtown Flint are the only things older than Mott Community College.

Even the Capitol Theater is slightly younger as it opened in 1928 (renovated in 2017).

MCC started as the Flint Junior College, according to their history page, in 1923. Here's some of the college's history:

  • First classes held at Flint Junior College in September 1923 at Flint Central High School
  • As enrollment grew, the college moved to Oak Grove Sanitarium.
  • By 1950 Charles Stewart Mott gave $1 Million to make FJC a four-year college with a partnership including University of Michigan.
    • That partnership created many of the other cultural resources we know today like the Longway Planetarium, Sloan Museum, FIM and more.
Credit Google Street View
Credit Google Street View
  • A year later in 1951, CS Mott donated 32 acres of farmland and money for a new campus.
  • 1969 Genesee County voters converted FJC into a countywide college, Genesee Community College.
  • 1973, following the death of CS Mott in 1973 (aged 97) the college was renamed Charles Stewart Mott Community College.

Into the future with Mott Community College

Of course, additional locations were created in some Flint suburbs. Many buildings have been or will be updated, like this year's $25M investment in the Prahl College Center.

Credit Google Street View
Mott Community College Regional Technology Center

The MCC Regional Technology Center opened in 2002 to great success.

Perhaps you've heard of the Culinary Arts Institute in Downtown Flint? Yup, that's thanks to Mott Community College, too.

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Cheers to 100 years, Mott Community College... and a heartfelt thanks for the positive impact you've had all over Genesee County and Mid-Michigan.

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