Jay-Zis a spokesperson for rap. As an MC who has been around for over 15 years, he has a lot of credibility. Not to mention he's still relevant at 40+ and has a whole lot of money. He brings some credibility to what he says and what his views are on Hip-Hop. See how he compares Hip-Hop artist to other great song writers.


Jay-Z says thinks that rap lyrics are under appreciated and that people have a stigma against rappers and their lyrics. Which I agree with. Of course not all rappers I would put in this category (i.e. Waka, Gucci, or Plies) but many do have deep stories and content. Some of Tupac's work is genius as well as Outkast and Public Enemy. But because the ignorance is the only thing that gets publicity and air time that's what people assume when they hear the word rap. Your thoughts?



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