Jesters in Flint will be closing for 14 days due to a coronavirus scare with owners George and Genie.

Apparently the two came in contact with someone that tested positive for COVID-19. The contact happened outside of Jesters but as a safety precaution, they will close their doors for 14 days while they self-quarantine.

This goes to show how awesome George and Genie are. I mean, to self-quarantine while times are so tough as it is, really says a lot. Some people would ignore the importance of safety precautions just to make money, not these two.


To all our friends and customers: over the weekend we (George & Genie), personally, have come in contact with an individual that tested positive for COVID-19.

This individual was NOT at Jesters.
We came into contact with this person in our personal lives, outside of Jesters.

Out of an abundance of caution for all of our employees and beloved customers, we will be closing Jesters for 14 days while we self-quarantine.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and do not want to instill panic. We are just doing what we think is best to protect all of our loved ones that frequent our bar/restaurant.

See you all soon!

Much love

Again, they don't have COVID-19 but came in contact with someone who did and it didn't happen at Jesters.

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