Fresh off signing to Roc Nation, Jim Jones sits down with Funkmaster Flex for an emotional interview, in which the Diplomats rapper tears up talking about Cam'ron and says Max B can "die where he stand."

Around the 15:30 mark of the clip, Jim Jones dives into his relationship with Cam'ron around the time Dipset was starting to blow up. Jones says he knew Cam'ron was the most important member of the group, so the "We Fly High" MC protected him at all costs, making sure he was "untouchable."

However, it seems Cam'ron didn't always have Jim Jones' back. Jones tells the story of a fight at Rucker Park, in which Killa left Jones to defend himself against 20 or 30 heads.

"There's never been a time when I backed down from any situation in this world, except God," Jones says while fighting back tears. "And I've been up against 20, 30 deep by myself when niggas left me by myself. And I escaped those situations and still come back and give niggas high-five."

At the 17:10 mark, Jones talks about the time he went on trial for firing his gun to protect Cam'ron. "When I was on trial, and niggas told me I need to take the plea. What plea? We don't take pleas, nigga," Jones tells Funk Flex. "And by the grace of God, the trial gets dismissed 'cuz they couldn't find enough evidence."

Another interesting tidbit from the interview comes at the 43:40 mark, when Jim Jones discusses signing Max B. "I signed Max B out of me knowing how he talks," he says. "And he had a different type of lingo, just in Harlem, how he talked. I used to be like 'Boy, if you can rap the way you talk, you gon' win.'"

According to Jones, Cam'ron made Max B contribute to his Jay Z diss song, "You Gotta Love It." Jones says, "Cam wanted [Max B] to be his artist, when he should've just took the chance on seeing how hot he was. Then Cam made him do the diss song for Jay Z, and it just rolls different."

Then, at the 1:13:00 minute mark, Jim Jones speaks about his still-fractured relationship with Max B. (Their beef can be traced back to 2007.) "He could die where he stands, but I ain't got time to talk about a person in jail," Jones says. "You violate me a certain type of way, that's for life... Let's see how long it takes for him to come out. If he comes out and I'm still into it, I'mma bust his ass."

You can watch the entire interview below via YouTube.

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