Jon Connor’s second installment of the Best of Both World mixtape series is finally here.  On Friday April 13th 2012, at noon The People’s Rapper LP mixtape was released under All Varsity Music.  Jon Connor raps verses over Eminem’s beats while bringing along his close friends from All Varsity Music to serve as AVM’s version of Slaughterhouse on several songs.  The People’s Rapper LP mixtape has (16) tracks that are worth you download space and time listening.

The People’s Rapper LP mixtape has Jon Connor paying homage to one of Hip Hop’s legend, Eminem.  Jon Connor keeps the mixtape on focus sonically by using some of Eminem best beats and delivering verses that would encompass the term lyricist whole-heartedly.  In a time when albums sound like mixtape because they’re all over the place from a production perspective, The People’s Rapper overcomes the problem cleverly by keeping well known Eminem beats in your ears from track one.

Jon Connor produces several subject matters that make The People’s Rapper LP mixtape worth clicking download right now.  One of the standout songs on the mixtape is Jon Connor’s rendition of ‘Stan.’  On this song, Jon Connor pens a letter to The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, and Flint, Michigan’s late legend, MC Breed.  All fans of hip-hop will really enjoy the song.  Jon Connor hangs out with you as you ‘Clean Out Your Closet’ of all the people who didn’t support your dream or held you back.  On song ‘Beautiful,’ Connor takes you on his journey to becoming the people’s rapper as telling his story of being a starving artist.

The people’s rapper expresses his opinion on the music industry as far of labels, radio, and fans on several songs.  After you digest the intro, Jon Connor exposes his opinion on the commercialization of the hip-hop and how ultimately it’s killing real hip hop music on ‘Til I Collapse.’  Then on ‘8 Mile Road’, Jon Connor reveals his drive and why he keeps chancing after becoming the best rapper while not falling into the music industries control.  Once you hear the chorus on ‘Just Don’t Give A F*ck,’ you will easily get what Jon Connor is talking about.  ‘I just can’t take/all the bullsh*t they make/ and we act like its great/Big & Pac/Its like spit in their face,’ Jon Connor raps on ‘The Way I Am.’ Lastly, The People’s Rapper performs lyrical exercise on ‘Solider.’

The People’s Rapper LP mixtape makes a shift with enlisting some of All Varsity Music’s artist Lyric Da Queen, Cas Swift, Brandon Bars, and Mickey Wallace.  The All Varsity Music ciphers only last two songs which show that the team is strong lyrically. Check out those ciphers on ’40 o.z.’ and ‘You Don’t Know.’  Jon Connor has some fun lyrically on ‘Hello’ and ‘Role Model.’

Overall, Jon Connor is making a solid argument why he is the people’s rapper.  Through out the entire mixtape Jon Connor is showing love to his hometown of Flint, Michigan.  If you are looking for some solid hip-hop, this mixtape is for you.  If you are a fan of Eminem, you will be pleased to see an artist do well with his music.  When it is time to cast your vote for the People’s Rapper, make sure you vote Jon Connor.

-          @YaBoyLV