Judge Greg Mathis is organizing a massive water caravan to help with the Flint Water Crisis.

Judge Mathis is no stranger to the water issues in Flint. He came to Flint in 2016 to answer legal questions from residents affected by the Flint Water Crisis. The efforts are being organized out of the Mathis Community Center in Detroit. Judge Mathis had an open forum discussion Monday night to discuss the best way to get water to Flint.

Mathis connected with Mayor Karen Weaver to talk about his frustrations with the state over the Flint Water Crisis. The fact that Michigan cut off bottled water distribution to Flint, and that no politicians seem to be talking about Flint right now are his motivators.

The plan right now is to bring at least four semi trucks full of bottled water to Flint on November 1st for distribution. We will have more information about the time and location of the distribution as it becomes available.

Judge Mathis talked to ABC12 about his efforts on Monday. If you would like to join the efforts, you can get more information on the Mathis Community Center Facebook page.

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