Jussie Smollett isn't outta trouble yet as the city of Chicago is filing a lawsuit on Jussie for wasting their time. Speaking of a waste of time.

The city of Chicago has a lot more to worry about then suing Jussie Smollett. The crime in Chicago is still outta hand. Every 14 hours someone is murdered in Chicago. So when I see a butt hurt Police Superintendent chasing down Jussie over something so stupid it makes my blood boil!

Jussie messed up, he messed up bad. And yes it costed the city a lot of money for the overtime required to solve the case (which they didn't). But to sue him for wasting time, is a waste of time. Stop ignoring the war zone that is Chicago, and refocus you efforts. You sound like a jealous ex...

Source: TMZ.com

The City is now demanding he pay $130k for the overtime required to investigate the now-infamous "attack." A City official sent Jussie a demand letter, but his people have already rejected the request, saying the only person owed anything is Jussie -- as in, an apologyfrom the Mayor and Police Superintendent.

This has now set up a courtroom showdown, and sources connected to the Mayor tell TMZ ... they will absolutely file a civil case to get the money. Under the law, the City can actually collect 3 times the actual amount owed as a penalty -- meaning around $390,000.

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