The Detroit Tigers are in the middle of one of their best starts in memory, and while some may credit the pitching, hitting or defense, we all know it's the Zubaz.

The way that the Tigers are playing right now, is the example of how baseball was always intended to be played.

A group of great friends having fun on, and off the field.

The Tigers are beyond talented, but talent doesn't always mean wins (just ask the Yankees).  For a team to be great they have to have fun, and actually enjoy winning together.  These Tigers have definitely reached that point early in the season, and the Zubaz are all the proof you should need.  The Tigers posted a head to toe Zubaz group shot on twitter before they left to take on Cleveland.

Some may call it karma that their plane broke down shortly after that, and they actually lost to the Indians, ending their winning streak . . . but come on!  They were wearing ZUBAZ!  Even Justin Verlander got into the action.

Here's a video full of more Zubaz than most people would like to ever lay eyes on, but as a Tigers fan, its just about perfect.


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