Being a police officer has to be a extremely tough job to have.  It seems like you are never in a good situation.  Kalamazoo police are not in a good position after issuing two tickets to a pick up truck that had a dead body in it.  I guess they were focused on doing their job.

Jayme Earle, 26 years old, was found dead inside the abandoned truck.  Earle went missing last Thursday after not showing to work for two consecutive days. Earle's mother and step-father immediately reported him missing.

Earle was found on the ticketed truck slumped over in the passenger seat.  A passerby reported Earle to the cops due to the car being abandoned for three days.  Kalamazoo resident Graham Foley thinks Earle body being overlooked is "ridiculous."  Foley also added,

"A second ticket means you need to look, check up on what's going on, instead of add another ticket. A ticket on top of a ticket is absurd."

There is no sign of foul play and police are still investigating the death of Earle.  Kalamazoo police are saying they do not know if Earle's body was in the truck after receiving the two tickets.

Do you think Kalamazoo police dropped the ball on this one or was it a understandable mistake?

via NYDailyNews