Reports surfaced Sunday night (Nov. 20) that after Kanye West had cancelled a Saint Pablo date in Los Angeles, he was then planning to cut the whole tour short, a rep for Kanye later confirming that the remaining shows were in fact scrapped, with refunds issued to those with tickets. It was later reported that the tour was cancelled due to exhaustion, Kanye seeking to spend more time with his family, though he has been on the receiving end of some criticism following the praise he gave President-elect Trump at a recent show in San Jose.

Now, Forbes has crunched the numbers following those cancelations and determined that Kanye stands to lose $10 million or more from them. The tour was scheduled to include an additional 21 dates up to Dec. 31. West had been grossing $1.5 million per Saint Pablo show, with industry standards putting an artist's earnings at roughly one-third of gross ticket sales.

According to their calculations, which are admittedly a bit ad hoc, West would then stand to miss out on about $10.5 million total from the 21 canceled shows. That number, however, doesn't account for merchandise revenue, which Forbes estimates could be a high six-figure or low seven-figure total.

Some of the exact numbers, though, depend on who is paying for the refunded tickets. “When you’re talking that caliber of artist and tour, hopefully the people involved do have insurance policies,” says Priscilla Mattison, counsel at entertainment law firm Bernard M. Resnick PC.

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