Kanye West is bringing his 'Sunday Service' to Detroit this Friday, and tickets are free while they last.

Despite the name 'Sunday Service' the special edition actually happens Friday (September 27th) in Detroit at Aretha Franklin Amphitheater. The free tickets are available on Ticketmaster starting at 10am. You can click here to get your hands on the tickets while they're available.

Details around the show are fairly scattered as Kanye's people are trying to keep it as quiet as possible. The first clue that a show was coming happened earlier this week. There was a call for local singers to be a part of the choir that would perform at the Sunday service.

If you miss out on the 10am rush, you can enter to win a pair of tickets below. Winners will be notified by 6pm tonight.

So far, Kanye has put on Sunday Service shows in Atlanta, Chicago, and Wyoming. Check out some of the footage below.

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