Justin Verlander was edged out of his second Cy-Young award last night, and Kate Upton went on a profanity filled rant on twitter defending her man.

Verlander had a great year, and actually had the most first place votes in the Cy Young race, but some voters left Verlander off of their ballot completely, causing Rick Porcello to win the award.

This didn't sit well with Verlander's girlfriend, Kate Upton.

Upton then turned her venom from MLB to the award winner, Rick Porcello.

Kate wasn't the only person upset about Verlander getting jobbed out of the Cy Young.  Justin's brother Ben also jumped on Twitter posting the actual voting stats.

So should Verlander have won the award?  Probably.

The only stat he wasn't dominant in was total wins, and considering he had the worst run support of all the candidates, that shouldn't matter as much.

There is also some confirmation that there was a bit of a beef between Verlander and Porcello when they played together in Detroit.

In the end, the award could have gone to either guy.  The real winner here is Verlander though.  Sure he didn't get the award, but he does have the hottest woman on the planet going hard for him.

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