February is Children's Dental Health Month and Hamilton Community Health is celebrating Monday with Kids Dental Health Day.

Monday February 18th is a great chance for parents to take their kids in for a complete dental checkup. Nobody will be turned away, and there will be insurance consultations available if parents need information about dental insurance.

You can get more information about Kids Dental Health Day by clicking on the picture below, and visiting their Facebook event page.

Click to learn more about Kids Dental Health Day
Click to learn more about Kids Dental Health Day

Developing good dental habits at a young age are extremely important for long term health. Starting early also helps to squash any fear of going to the dentist.

Here are the basics of Kids Dental Health Day that you'll need to know to make sure your kids will be able to participate.

  • WHEN:  Monday, February 18 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • WHERE: Any of Hamilton’s three dental clinics, Dental North clinic in North Flint at 5399 North Saginaw Street. Main Dental Clinic at 2900 North Saginaw in Flint. Burton Clinic at G-3375 South Saginaw.
  • WHO: The staff will conduct routine dental exams for children with one tooth all the way to age 17
  • MORE INFORMATION: Parents are asked to call 810-406-4246 to make an appointment for their children.

Hamilton Community Health has a bunch of good tips and great reasons why dental health is so important on their Facebook page.

Dr. Anya Harris DDS even came into the Club 93.7 studios to talk about the upcoming event. You can watch the video below to get more information about Kids Dental Health Day.

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