Fox News host Laura Ingraham laughs at the passing of Nipsey Hussle and the response has been swift and nasty. Just like it should be.

Fox News has a history of having terrible hosts, but I feel like they're all cloned in the same basement. This video proves that Fox News and their associates don't care about our culture and don't even take the time to do the research. In the video she refers to YG's song featuring Nipsey Hussle "FDT" and she called it a "recent song". What? Last time I checked that came out a few years ago.

That's a shining example of how much they don't care. A simple Google search would have shown you Nipsey Hussle's most recent music. But you're not gonna focus on that because you don't wanna promote anything positive about the black community. Thankfully, we have juggernauts in our corner that will speak out on this disgusting behavior.

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