LeBron's Mother Gloria James was arrested recently. Hear what the 'King' had to say.

It's gotta be insanely tough to be famous at times. Your whole life is on display. If you have a booger, everyone sees. If you've got a new girlfriend, everybody is judging her. If you are mean 1 time of the 200,000 times you were nice to a fan, that's the one that is gonna get put on blast. And especially if you've got family members that are doing dumb stuff. Momma Bron was recently arrested for allegedly slapping a Valet worker. That alone shows that you can take her out the hood, but every now and again, the hood is gonna come out and slap somebody. Either way that is his mom and he loves her as do most of us love our moms. I wouldn't want people judging or making fun of my mom or speaking bad things about her. But this is what he's going to have to deal with .This comes less than a year after rumors came about of an alleged romance with his then teammate Dolante West. Gloria James may need to just lay low for a minute...


Here's the man that was allegedly slapped. Hear his side of the story... That is if you can understand what he's saying.