Mother Forces Her Child to Get a Tattoo [Video]
A video of a mother forcing her child to get a tattoo has hit the web and people are pissed!
From the video description this apparently takes place in another country which is  probably Mexico (from the accent) because I can't imagine any American having the mindset to tattoo a screaming ch…
Mother Of 4 Year Old Shot In Saginaw Speaks Out [Video]
4-year-old Miyoma Alexander was shot Monday afternoon in Saginaw while riding in the backseat with her Aunt near near the corner of Sheridan and Webber when two cars exchanged gun fire. We have some good news, Miyoma is in stable condition, resting comfortably at Covenant Healthcare in Saginaw.
Her m…
Rock-Climbing Mother Takes Her Toddler With Her
Menna Pritchard is a 26 year old mother who loves rock-climbing.  She loves it so much that she has decided that her two year old daughter will climb with her.
According to the Daily Mail, the picture above was taken more than 30 feet above the ground.
The most shocking part about all of this, is…