Following the news that several of Lil Pump's cars, including his Rolls-Royce Cullinan, were broken into, fans started to find out what has been stolen from the 2018 XXL Freshman.

On Wednesday (May 12), TMZ reported that the 20-year-old rhymer's nail kit was stolen during a vehicle break in on Sunday (May 9). According to reports given to the media publication, Miami PD claims surveillance video caught the suspects looking inside the cars before smashing the left rear panel of the Range Rover and taking a $600 nail kit around 6 a.m.

Another suspect got into a Rolls-Royce Wraith through an unlocked passenger door, however, nothing was taken. A third suspect smashed the rear windshield of the Cullinan, which triggered an alarm that made the headlights and taillights flash. The burglars, who were reportedly scared off by car alarms and fled the scene by hopping over a fence, have not been arrested nor identified.

Pump is not listed in the police report, but his mother is named as the victim.

When the initial reports of the South Florida rapper's break in emerged on the internet on May 9, Pump hopped on Instagram to threaten the unidentified culprits who broke into his vehicles, which were initially believed to be two rides.

"Bro, I'ma catch you," Pump angrily yelled in the clip shared to the photo-sharing platform. Elsewhere in the video, Pump displayed the broken rear windows of two white SUVs parked in his driveway. "Whoever did this, I'ma catch you and I'ma blow your brains out, bitch. I'ma catch your ass, little nigga. Little bum-ass bitch. Step foot in my yard again. I want you to step foot in my yard. I'ma be up for three days straight. Come in this bitch. I fucking dare you. That's a free body for me."

Lil Pump recently started wearing acrylic nails earlier this year, but his new style has not been well received by everyone. In March, Kodak Black threatened to block Pump on social media if he didn't stop wearing nails.

"What's up, Lil Pump. I'm mad at you, lil bruh," Kodak stated in the video clip. "Don't be doing all that fingernail polish bullshit. Leave that for Lil Yachty. Don't do that shit, Lil Pump. See, when Lil Yachty do his shit, he be like, we don't know. But when you do that shit, Lil Pump, it's like you serious. Stop that shit, Lil Pump, or I'ma block you."

XXL has reached out to Lil Pump's team and Miami PD for comment on the vehicle break ins.

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