Flint's Mayor Sheldon Neeley has proposed some new revisions to the city's ordinances that will be focused on cracking down on illegal drag racing by taking your car.

There's a time and place for you to have fun with a powerful vehicle, but racing on backstreets and in local neighborhoods is a recipe for disaster.

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Mayor Neeley proposed new revisions to the city’s ordinances covering drag racing that would classify drag racing and other related dangerous activity as a public nuisance and allow Flint police to seize their vehicles, trailers and all other associated property supporting their high-speed habits.


Under the proposed ordinance revisions, police would be authorized to impound and seize all property related to drag racing, including vehicles and trailers, and holding the vehicle owner liable.


The property would be sold to allow the City of Flint to recover costs including towing and storage fees as well as the cost of maintaining the property and of prosecuting the case. Source:NBC25.com

Now we still have to wait on Flint's City Council to make a decision on whether or not we should go forward with these new revisions but I feel like it's a great idea! Street racing has been a thing in Flint for years and it's time to shut all of it down. And the only way to teach a racer a lesson is to take away their pride and joy.

I'm all for muscle cars and exotic cars that go fast. But, I'm not for racing in small neighborhoods. I understand you wanna show off that brand new car or spinning tires to have fun but we can't normalize something that's dangerous. Anytime you see an official racing event usually it's lined with concrete barriers to protect people and property when cars eventually spin out, and they will. I don't want to kill the spirit of muscle cars in Flint, we just need another outlet. Maybe a legal drag strip in Flint?

I mean this is Vehicle City, right?

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