It must be hard to be one of the extras on a video shoot.  Just picture it; here you are trying to earn a living, and here is this unbelievably rich star right next to you.  All of his stuff is just sitting right there . . . you could probably just reach out and take it!  He has so much, he probably wouldn't even notice!  Check out what happens below to find out why this is a bad idea.

A man reportedly swiped valuable items from rapper Lil Wayne during a video shoot. Police in Glendora, California tracked down a man who took a Louis Vuitton purse, a wallet, a laptop and tickets to the NBA All-Star game. Weezy was shooting a video with Porcelain Black.

The cops allegeldy used a tracking device inside the laptop to find the man. The alleged thief, Marco Negrete was arrested in South El Monte.

Negrete gave the police the items. He was apparently a backup dancer in the video.

Now, he's in jail, looking at $20,000 bail.

Stealing things is never good.  Stealing things that are GPS enabled is just down right dumb.


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