Flint artist This Life. We Lead drops some amazing visuals to his hit track Tropicana. This is how you make someone feel your music! 10 outta 10.

This Life. We Lead delivers more than just a music video with this one. This is pure art. The song blends in perfectly with the cool colors and beach scenery to capture those laid back vibes.

After listening to this track and watching the video how can you not want to head out to the beach and just kick it with some good people? What happened to just making feel-good music? I miss music like this. I'll be honest, I was having a terrible day until I saw this video and it filled me up with positive vibes. I salute you, my good sir! This video just made my summer.

"Drink Responsibly" - TLWL

Check out his music here: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, All Music..

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