Logic may be busy working on the rollout of his highly-anticipated Everybody album, but he's making sure to dedicate some of his time and efforts to celebrating his wife's birthday. Surprising Jessica on her special day this week, the Maryland rapper recruited an orchestra to wake her up outside of her bedroom window.

The orchestra, which consisted of strings, flutes, horns, and percussions, posed outside of Logic's home by the pool, where they would be just under the balcony that led to him and his wife's bedroom. The group played a rendition of the theme song from Curb Your Enthusiasm, which we know is a favorite show of Logic's, being that his Twitter name is "Rap's Larry David."

The "Black Spiderman" MC posted a video of the amazing romantic gesture to Instagram, writing a cute dedication to her post: "This is how I woke up my darling Wife @itsjessandrea on her 25th birthday!!!"

Jessica also acknowledged the beautiful gift from her husband, thanking him in another video of the surprise. "woke up on my birthday to a orchestra 💗 am I dreaming?! thank you to my romantic husband @logic301 for doing this sweet surprise for me...you know how to make me feel like a Disney Princess everyday 💗 and thank you everybody for the birthday love!!!! you all mean so much to me!!!!!" she wrote in the caption.

It looks like Logic doesn't take anyone in his life for granted no matter how much success he's gained. Watch the video of his epic surprise for his wife's birthday below.

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