Yesterday I attended my first hockey game ever!  The closest I have ever got to a hockey game was floor hockey in elementary school or maybe playing the EA Sports NHL Hockey game back in the day.  Not sure which one of those count.  All I know is that I enjoyed the Detroit Red Wings game.

Last night I attended the Detroit Red Wings home game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.  As you may know from watching SportsCenter, the Red Wings put a whooping on them Blue Jackets, 7-2.  I arrived to the game late however, while I was there,  I had a ball.  The Detroit Red Wings did not disappoint me in my first professional hockey experience.  One thing that really stood out was nothing that happened on the ice but what happened during the short intermissions.  The Detroit Red Wings organization payed tribute to our Troops several times throughout the game.  I was proud to be an American during those moments.

All I know is that I am a huge Todd Bertuzzi fan and will be purchasing some tickets to another home game this season real soon.  A friend of mine, BiggEuro,  attended the game with me and we have decided to start the Todd Bertuzzi Fan Club.  Bertuzzi, holla at us!