It's a matter of common courtesy. If you bump into someone and make them spill their drink, you should buy him or her another one, right? Dylan Larkin did just that after crashing into the boards at Little Casers's Arena, causing a fan in the front row to spill his beer.

Take a look at the video below from the Detroit Red Wings. The team captain donned a microphone during Tuesday's (12/14) game against the New York Islanders, as the Red Wings frequently outfit a specific player for a 'Mic'd Up' feature. As you can imagine, there are a few words that have to be bleeped.

The action starts at about :35 seconds into the video as Larkin bumps into the board at LCA. "Oh s***, sorry," he says apologizing to the fan in the Red Wings sweatshirt. "I feel terrible."

At the next opportunity, Larkin then makes arrangements with locker room attendant Rick Szuber, asking him to buy the fan a replacement beer.

The fan not only got a new glass of suds but went home with the captain's stick as a souvenir from the game.

And there's lots of love for Larkin in the YouTube comments section:

  • "Not only does Dylan pay for the beer, he gives him his stick after the game. Total class, that's why he's the captain."
  • "It's Already been said but the Captain is a Class Act! So Nice of Larkin to give his stick to that man and his son!"
  • "I never really thought anything of him. But a fan now after this video."

The Wings went on to beat the Islanders 2 to 1. The team has postponed further games until at least December 26 due to COVID-19.

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