LV is eating healthier in 2013 and you should join him.  Last night I stopped by Kroger and grabbed a few groceries to assist in my healthy eating.  So many of us have joined gyms, made New Years resolutions, and promised to get healthier.  I am no different than you but think we should come together and make Flint healthier.

Last year, I gave up eating meat and drinking pop. Well, I gave up meat except select fish because I am a sushi fan, sorry. Drinking soda was taking too much of my funds and my kidneys.  Any given weekday I would consume about (2) 20 ounce Vernors because I had stomach issues.  Battling with acid reflux, pop and meat were my way of relieving the symptoms and it worked.

Now in 2013, I am eliminating dairy, spicy & fried foods, and salty foods.  I know what you're thinking, "What are you going to eat now?" Honestly, I do not know but I know its time for me to find alternatives that will help me reach my goal.  My goal is to lose weight, eat right, and eliminate any issue due to what I eat.

Here is my plan for 2013 concerning my health.

1.  Buy healthier foods and cook more at home.

2. Commit to working out at the gym on a regular basis

3. Research the best practices to get health and reach my goals.


Now I need your help.  Let's make Flint healthier by coming together and sharing our stories and advice.  I have outlined whats going on with me and I want to hear from you.  Maybe you're a fitness expert or nutritionist, hit me up and lets get Flint healthier.

What is one thing that you are doing to get healthier in 2013?