It's not quite as dangerous as parking in the old Genesee Towers used to be, but it's getting close. That's why the McCree parking ramp is scheduled to be demolished soon.

The McCree ramp was closed in April due to safety concerns, and has been vacant ever since.  The closure was originally going to be limited to the upper levels, so that county employees could still park in the lower levels.  Now it looks like there will be no effort to repair the crumbling structure.

The demolition work will begin as soon as the final paper work is signed according to Mlive.

The bad part is that there's no busier month in Flint than August.  Back to the Bricks, The Crim, and overall summer traffic all flood downtown.  There aren't supposed to be many road closures once work begins, other than Beach St, when the walk way to the court house is torn out.

There is going to be a surface lot that will be put in the place of the parking ramp, but there isn't a projected date for that to be finished.

Parking in downtown right now isn't a huge problem, but as more people move into apartments, and more businesses open downtown, the need will increase. Do you think it's short sighted to only have a surface lot there?


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