The Michigan Department Of Health and Human Services has just made it mandatory for Michigan High School athletes to get tested for COVID-19 due to a rate in cases.

Some people are finding this process very invasive and some groups have openly spoken out against it. Like Sandusky Community Schools which said;

"We find these regulations to be invasive, extreme, and unnecessary when compared to how students have been treated in fall and winter sports." Source:NBC

The MDHHS feels strongly that this is a necessary move in order to keep positive covid numbers from reaching dangerous levels.

“In case investigations, what we’re finding is that transmission isn’t occurring in classrooms, transmission doesn’t seem to be occurring as much on the playing, but transmission seems to be linked to social gatherings that people are having in and around athletics,” said Bagdasarian.

The best way to fight a virus is through information. Finding out where the source is coming from and doing whatever you can to mitigate exposure. I don't think is as big of a deal as most people are making it out to be. I'm just happy people can actually participate in sports now and everything isn't frozen in place. And if we need to implement testing to keep Michigan sports active then that's an easy decision.


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