Marijuana finally became legal in Washington State after much debate and voting. As midnight struck, smokers fired up their marijuana smokes in Seattle, WA to celebrate the new found freedom.  Law enforcement didn't make any arrest even though they could have. 

A month ago voters legalized recreational use of marijuana.  Under Initiative 502, adults can have up to an ounce of marijuana in their possession but selling and growing it is still illegal.

I think this could be a state wide cover up to catch the marijuana sellers and growers. According to CNN, Washington State officials are wondering where people will purchase the hash if they do not have a medical marijuana license.

"It begs the question, if they can't buy it through a medical marijuana shop, which only people with a prescription and medical marijuana license can, how do they get it?" Washington State Liquor Control Board spokesman Brian Smith said Wednesday.

Last night police officers were order to only give verbal citations last night and not to make any unnecessary arrest. Police will have to adjust how they handle adults with marijuana.  When pulled over, police can't search your car because they smell marijuana. Lastly, if caught with marijuana in Washington State and you're under 21, you will be cited for minor in possession.

Is the legalizing of marijuana in Washington State a sign of things to come across America?