Meet Toni White.  Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, Toni White graduated from Northern High School. Distracted by the negativity in Flint, Toni took immediate interest in writing. After travelling and seeing what writing and performing has to offer she became eager to see change in Flint. She's made many changes to her thoughts of a career but has now planted her feet in the city deciding to create positive change. Her goal? To give people a positive platform to not only showcase their talent, but to also share their feelings with people who will respect them. In April 2010 a night of talking with a few close friends who are local, yet well-traveled artists, had Toni on her way to planning her own event.

After the initial show in September 2010, Toni now plans one of the largest poetry events in the Midwest, the Flint 500 Poetry Slam. Continuing to expand the borders of Flint, the event hosts artists from all around the country to compete in this $500 quarterly slam that is completed by the annual $1000 slam, known as the Grand Slam, in September.

To create even further expansion and platform the positivity that happens in the city Toni is working with Ed "Future" Wilson to create a brand that will let the nation see that Flint, Michigan does not only house victims and criminals, it holds the heart of many VERY talented individuals. More details on that will be released soon.

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