The record high $640 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot will be split between three winners from Illinois, Kansas, and Maryland. Damn...

(NY Daily)

Lottery ticket-holders in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland each selected the winning numbers and will split a $640 million jackpot that was believed to be the world's largest such prize, a lottery official said Saturday.

Seventeen second-prize winners in New York will win $250,000 each, according to a lottery spokesperson.

In Manhattan, second prize tickets were sold at Zidya News on W. 14th Street, Shaizal on Courtlandt Street, Eyebrow Unlimited on W. 32nd Street, and Sweet Banana Candy Company on 9th Street.

Three second-prize tickets were sold in the Bronx, at Arthur Cantina on Arthur Avenue, Harb Discount on E. Bedford Park Boulevard, and High Ridge News on Broadway.

[via Three Mega Millions winning tickets sold in Illinois, Kansas, and Maryland - NY Daily News.]