The Mega Million's jackpot has reached that mythical half-billion mark again with a total of $515 million that's up for grabs.

Granted taxes are gonna crack you over the head, but who cares! 

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The Mega Millions jackpot has surpassed the magical half-billion mark, and the next drawing on Friday, May 21, will feature an estimated $515 million prize ($346.3 million cash).


In this current jackpot run, since February 16 there have been more than 17.8 million winning tickets at all prize levels, including 31 worth $1 million or more.

I couldn't imagine winning that much money at once, but somebody will. And with Michigan being a lotto hotspot with big winnings going out over the last year I wouldn't be surprised if the winning ticket was sold around here.

You don't have to be a big lotto player or gambler to get in on the fun. I literally only play the Mega Millions, and only when the jackpot gets crazy, like now. So I'll be grabbing my ticket tonight and fantasizing about what I'm gonna do with my winnings.

I looked up the price of islands nowadays, and it's actually not that bad! Well, if you hit the Mega Millions, nothing is too expensive...

Good Luck!

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