Meijer has pledged to give 750,000 KN95 face masks to frontline workers in Michigan and Ohio.

According to the press release from Meijer, the masks are going to healthcare workers throughout Michigan and Ohio. Masks will also be provided to area police departments, along with medical first responders.

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The move by Meijer has even drawn the attention of Governor Whitmer. She commented on the move in the press release saying:

This action from Meijer will help us protect frontline workers and slow the spread of COVID-19 in Michigan. I’m proud to work with Meijer and every business that steps up during this time to protect Michigan families

Meijer won't just be providing masks though, they are also giving other protective equipment to healthcare facilities throughout the area. The Grand Rapids based grocer has been front and center when it comes to helping Michigan get through the Coronavirus pandemic.

I have continually been impressed with the way that Meijer has handled the pandemic. I primarily shop at Meijer, and even through the shortages that they have been experiencing on some items, they have worked hard to keep the shelves stocked.

I noticed this weekend that they have started one way shopping aisles in their stores. They have also started to limit the number of checkout lanes that are open in an effort to keep shoppers a safe distance from one another.

I know this can be frustrating when you are shopping, but think about the impact it has on the stores bottom line. Limiting the number of people in the store, and the number of open registers is not good for business, but it's good for the customers. Even when frustrated customers have taken out their anger on Meijer employees, the workers have handled it with grace.

What we're going through right now is not easy for anyone, but it's encouraging to see an organization come together and do what they can to help.


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