America selected Melanie Amaro as the winner of the first-ever ‘X Factor.’ She edged out Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene, whose elimination was announced earlier this evening.

Remember, Amaro wasn’t even supposed to be here, as her mentor Simon Cowell sent her home when she auditioned at his home before the live rounds. He ate crow, flew down to Florida and brought her back, bending the rules a little.

Amaro was so overwhelmed by the fact that she won a $5 million recording contract and would be starring in a Pepsi commercial that all she could say when asked how she felt was, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.” She could not get a word out since she was overtaken by emotion. We can’t blame her for being verbally flustered, as her whole life just changed in an instant.

However, Amaro could still gather her wits about her long enough to try and sing ‘Listen,’ at least for a bar. She stopped mid-song, as her tears and her adrenaline took over for about 20 seconds. She then launched into the song again, letting her diva voice soar to the heaven.

All she could say was “Thank you so much” through her tears. The poor girl was so completely and totally a mess, as she eeked out “God is good.” Host Steve Jones tried — repeatedly — to get her to comment on the win, but she couldn’t do it.

Congrats to Melanie Amaro, the first-ever winner of the American version of ‘X Factor.’

Watch Melanie Amaro Win ‘X Factor’

Watch Melanie Amaro Perform ‘Listen’ on ‘X Factor’

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