Desperate people will only use desperate measures when pressure hits them.  Trying to become the next 'X Factor' star brings a lot of pressure that a lot people can't handle.  A 'X Factor' contestant decided to steal a car and assault a police officer with it when he need to travel to New York City for the second round of auditions.

After impressing the judges in New Orleans, Louisiana, Orrion Wilson needed to get to New York City for round two of auditions.  Wilson had no way back home or even New York City.  Wilson, who is from Florida, will not be making it in front of 'X Factor' judges anytime soon.

Wilson hung out at a gas station waiting on someone to leave their car running long enough for him to steal it.  Not sure if Wilson thought about the fact the car may have needed gas or the fact that gas station usually have cameras.

Slidell, LA police reports that Wilson stole a Pontiac Grand Prix and led the police on a high speed chase.  The police say that Wilson ram a police car but Slidell Police were able to stop him and put the cuffs on him.  According to Complex,

He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault of a police officer, theft of a motor vehicle, theft over $500, criminal damage, resisting an officer, and aggravated flight from an officer.

Instead of making it to New York City to be judged by 'X Factor' judges, Wilson will go before a judicial judge.  This is one story I think is extremely weird.