Menards has made the decision to not allow children under 16, or pets in their stores during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The decision was actually made a little while ago, but is now starting to get attention after a few shoppers have complained. The move is part of Menards overall strategy to keep shoppers safe during the pandemic. Like many other stores, they have limited their hours, and are now requiring all shoppers to wear masks.

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The official statement from their Coronavirus response page is below.

We are no longer able to allow children under the age of 16 or pets* in our stores. If you look under the age of 16, you will be asked to show your identification (driver's license). We encourage our Guests with children to take advantage of our Buy Online - Pick Up at Store program. Service dogs are always welcome

The statement also talks about the increased cleaning at all Menartds stores, along with the social distancing measures.

I don't know why this is turning into such a point of contention with customers. They are angry with the store, and even accusing them of discrimination. I don't know why someone would jump to that conclusion, especially considering this move actually hurts Menards bottom line.

It kills me to see people go after these big organizations over procedures put in place to keep the customers safe! Menards is still offering online shopping and curbside pickup for all shoppers, so it's not even like people can't still buy things from the store. Customers just have to do a little shopping online first, which IMO is actually easier.

I hope we can all take a minute to stop being angry about the restrictions, and realize that they are actually measures put in place to keep everyone safe. The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all, but some people need to realize that it's not all about them.

I applaud you Menards for making tough decisions to keep everyone safe.


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