The MHSAA has announced that Fall 2020-21 sports will happen as scheduled, despite many schools not knowing if they will even have students in their buildings.

The announcement came as a bit of a shock today to parents around the state waiting to hear if their kids would be heading to schools. The MHSAA press release did note that there would be "contingency concepts for potential interruptions due to the spread of COVID-19."

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Here is the ironic part about this decision. The 19 members of the MHSAA legislative committee met virtually to make the decision.

Let that sink in.

They met virtually because of a worldwide pandemic, and decided that the kids could get together to play sports.

In a normal world football practices would begin on August 10th, with the other fall sports starting August 12th. The decision by the MHSAA means that, for now, that schedule is in place, but they are working what to do if they are forced to change that plan due to the pandemic. The board will meet again (virtually of course) on July 29th to reassess the decision.

In the meantime, the reaction on Twitter has not been favorable.


 These tweets are definitely not the only side of the story though. There are plenty of parents around the state who are dying to get their kids back out on the field and court.

I always like to lean on the saying, "Common sense rules the day." This doesn't seem like a case where a lot of common sense was used. You can read the full release from the MHSAA here.

Do you think it's a good idea for high school sports to go on as scheduled, or do you worry about the health and safety issues it may cause?


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