This year the Flu has been especially bad, and Michigan was just added to the list of states where widespread Flu activity has been reported.

Michigan is one of the 43 states currently on the list, but the list seems to grow every week.

The CDC says 5.9 percent of all people going to a doctor are there for flu-like symptoms.
Across the nation, the flu is hitting children especially hard. The CDC reports 21 children have died since the start of the season. Many of them had underlying medical conditions.

The affects of the Flu have definitely been felt in Genesee County as well.  In my kids school, there were at least 50 kids out sick for multiple days leading up to the Christmas break.

The CDC is still saying that the best defense is the current flu shot, even though it doesn't cover all strands of this years flu.  The other thing parents can do, is to make sure that kids are washing their hands as much as possible.


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