Michigan State University is requiring its students to take a flu shot this upcoming spring semester in order to walk on campus.

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I had a creeping feeling that when the new COVID-19 vaccine was ready to hit the streets there would be some locations that would make it mandatory to take. This makes a lot of sense, but to get the ball rolling MSU has switched its focus to the flu until COVID-19 vaccines become widely available.

 MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D released a letter speaking on these new protocols. 

Students living on campus or coming to campus or any university-controlled property at any point during the spring semester will be required to have received an influenza vaccine. Those students will be asked to verify they have received the vaccine before coming to campus in January; more information on that process will be coming soon.



Read the full letter by clicking here. MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. makes some really valid points in his open letter to students. COVID-19 is a big enough problem to deal with, but when you combine it with flu, then your just asking for trouble. Sources are already saying that after the Spring semester COVID-19 vaccines will be mandatory as well in order to walk on campus.

A U.S. release for the COVID-19 vaccine will be coming really soon. A U.S. panel just approved the use of Pfizer's vaccine and we should see vaccines within a few days.

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