Health officials in Michigan are aiming to test 30,000 people per day by mid June.

That number is a little more than double the amount of daily tests happening in Michigan right now. The announcement was made during Governor Whitmer's daily Coronavirus press conference.

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun is the Chief Medical Officer in Michigan, and during the press conference she pointed out that nearly 300,000 Michiganders have already been tested for Coronavirus. The goal of 15,000 per day was set last month, but with the state starting to reopen normal activities, everyone knows that the testing number has to increase.

One of the biggest roadblocks to increasing the testing in Michigan is the lack of testing kits available. In the press conference officials said that help from the government along with private sectors, have made it possible to increase the testing.

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Every expert I have listened to has talked about the importance of mass testing and contact tracing while states begin the reopening process, and Michigan is no different.

No matter what side of the Stay Home order you are on, everyone knows that another major outbreak of Coronavirus cases in Michigan would be catastrophic. We are already hurting financially from the shut down, and physically from the virus. If the state were to rush to reopen without proper testing, we are opening ourselves up for another tragedy.

I hope that the reopening process goes smoothly, and we are able to make progress in healing some of the divisions that have been created during the pandemic.


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