If you are Michigan Bridge Card user, take note. You will not be able to use your Bridge Card between tomorrow night, Saturday, August 28th to Sunday morning, August 29th.

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According to ABC 12, the reason for this is a system change. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is going to switch to a new system that will allow Michigan Bridge Card recipients to use an app for assistance. As of now the system change is projected for 10 hours - beginning at 11:30 PM Saturday, and finishing by 9:30 AM Sunday. Keep in mind, with any IT system change, there may be hiccups. Whatever you know you or your family are going to need by Sunday - I would get today or at least by tomorrow evening.

No worries on having to apply or request a new card after the change - from all accounts your card will still work after the change.

I am sure there are plenty of Michigan Bridge Card users that will never use the new app feature, but it is what it is. The future is here - and that means everything can be done through your phone and or personal computer.

I am not one to handle my finances through an app - I guess I am old school that way. I have lost too many phones to have them filled with that kind of personal information. I can't believe I just typed that, I sound like a grandparent. Christ.

Nonetheless use the app, don't use the app - just go to the store if you need too before the temporary shutdown.

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