I'm sorry but people are losing their freaking minds over stupid mask mandates. Some people are protesting peacefully while others are making death threats. Really, over a lousy mask?

If you remember, a couple of weeks ago Genesee County Medical Health Officer Dr. Pamela Hackert ordered all schools in the county to enforce mask-wearing for K-6 students, teachers, and staff members regardless of vaccination status because of the rising number of COVID-19 cases. The order was because of the number of local cases that have been on the rise.

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As you can imagine, people flipped out including a 42-year old woman from Grand Blanc who allegedly made a (death) threatening call to Hackert and Deputy Director Kayleigh Blaney. What was said exactly is unknown because the call was taken on an unrecorded line.

County Commissioner:

Yesterday, a death threat was called into Dr. Hackert. She took a job with the county and I agree with you there should be answers, she should answer for some of those questions, but one of the questions she should not have to answer is if she values her life enough, right now I’m sure she’d be shaken.

According to ABC12, Sheriff Chris Swanson said there does not appear to be any immediate threat to Hackert, Blaney, or the staff at the health department.

Do I like wearing a mask? Of course, I don't. Does my kid like wearing one to school? No, but we're definitely not going to freak out over the whole thing. If it means keeping him safe or others around him, he'll wear it if recommended.

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