Some severe thunderstorms are headed to Michigan this weekend. With the bulk of the storm hitting the upper Peninsula of Michigan, but this storm could spread a little bit everywhere this weekend. 

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The first area to get severe storms will be the Upper Peninsula and far northern Lower Michigan. The severe storms could happen in the north Friday night and Saturday.

 Southern Lower Michigan could get in on severe storms Saturday night, or more likely Sunday afternoon and evening.
The life cycle of these clumps of storms is about 18 hours and crossing about 500 miles. The first complex of storms in this next stormy phase is happening now across Iowa.
Thunderstorms are exactly how I wanted to spend my weekend. Anything is better than the heatwave we've been dealing with the last few weeks. Hopefully, these thunderstorms will get us back to a much cooler temperature for the next following weeks. Or, this could be a setup for another major flooding event in Michigan. Only time will tell...

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