Gov.Whitmer held a press conference yesterday and had some positive news in regards to Michigan's future this year.

Michigan is one of the last few states with heavy COVID-19 restrictions but they could be completely gone by summertime according to Gov.Whitmer. 

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The governor is relying on the rollout of the new vaccine to help mitigate the spread of covid-19 and get us back to normal life.

"If we're successful and people come in and do their part, we could very well be in that position this summer," Whitmer said. Source:

Of course, the new virus variants are a bit of concern.

"One of the issues is, though, we were able to really push our infection rate down so low for such a long period of time, now that variants are present here, we have lots of people that don't have antibodies," Whitmer said.

Fingers crossed! I'm ready to get back to enjoying my life just like everyone else. But I do understand the hardship that comes with trying to open carefully. Some states are wide open like Florida! and data show that they're not doing any better or worse. So I think it's time we open back up and realize that COVID-19 is just gonna be a part of our lives forever...


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