November 6th Michigan voters will get a chance to finally legalize cannabis and the financial benefits would be enormous!

Michigan is up next to dive completely into the world of the cannabis trade. Looking at states that have implemented laws that regulate and tax cannabis have seen a major boost in revenue every year. Colorado this year alone has pulled in over $200,000,000 in tax revenue. That's insane! Not to mention all the money cannabis has brought since it was legalized back in 2014.

Here's some of the details on the proposal.


Proposal 1, the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act, would allow adults 21 and older to possess, use, or transport up to 2.5 ounces; possess up to 10 ounces at their residence; and grow up to 12 marijuana plants for personal use.

So now the question is, our we ready to take on the legalization of Marijuana? I'm gonna put my money on yes....

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