Young Thug was released from DeKalb County Jail today after failing a court-mandated drug test. Thugger is free!

Jeffery Williams a.k.a Young Thug is out of jail after serving six days for turning in a positive drug test. Now all this mess was started back in 2017 when Thugger was pulled over for having illegally tinted windows. And when the police searched the vehicle they found a treasure trove of drugs ranging from meth to hydrocodone and some weed.

Now to me this sounds like your typical rockstar drug stash, but the court's wanna nail him with intent to distribute.  Now add the fact that a month ago he was arrested on a unrelated felony gun charge in LA ,Thugger is lucky to be out in only six days.

Let's hope what he said in court is true and he plans to stay away from the nonsense.

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