With a jackpot of more than $400 Million, you know people turned out big to get a Mega Millions ticket this week.

There was one jackpot winner in Arizona, and two tickets in Michigan hit the numbers for $1 Million each. That means two people are waking up somewhere in Michigan with a lot less stress than they had when they went to bed.

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In case you missed the drawling late Tuesday night, the numbers were:

1,5,9,10,23 Mega Ball 22.

The cash option for the grand prize winner is $316 Million, which is what we were all hoping for when we bought our tickets, but $1 Million isn't too bad either.

I grabbed tickets at Meijer yesterday, so this morning when I noticed that Michigan had two million dollar winners, the first thing I checked was where the tickets were sold. My million dollar dreams were shut down pretty quickly. With more people not venturing into stores during the pandemic, they are buying their tickets online. That's how both million dollar winners purchased their tickets. It's great for them because it helps add another layer of anonymity since we don't even know what part of the state they are in.

The crazy thing about the lottery is that I usually only play when the jackpots get really big. This makes no sense on so many different levels. The odds actually get worse as the jackpot grows, because more people play. Not to mention that I would be thrilled with winning a million dollars, so why do I wait until it's huge to play? Maybe someday I'll win big, then I'll pretend like it was part of my smart strategy all along . . . it won't be next week though, because who plays when the jackpot is only $20 Million?!


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